Fri. Jan 15th, 2021

Kelly’s Favorite YouTube’s

I love being tagged in videos on Twitter. These are some of my favorite ones. I try to put new ones up regularly and tag you back!

Ben Shaw is wonderful! Get the Hell Outta’ Here!

I love the instant charm and likability of “Young Man in a Hurry!”

The ability to venture musically yet stay firmly within the genre is a gift of Kian Sparkes.

Twin Peaks and other Americana scenes come to life with eXorZm!

Have a cold beverage and enjoy some damn good writing with Jim Pipkin.

Fedbysound is a professional collaborator and a sonic wizard. He’s also brave enough to sing about whats important. We love him!

Roger is a friend on Twitter and a damn fine writer as you can hear here.

Golden Mantis is a class act, both in and out of the studio. I have all their stuff.

Grace Can’t Play Guitar must be seen and heard to be enjoyed to their fullness.

HD Bradley keeps it simple. We like that. We’d like to open mic with him someday.

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