Fri. Jan 15th, 2021

Before records, many songs were passed down from memory. Not everyone’s memory was spot on, and artistic liberties were taken. Songs would change over time and become refined over generations. These are the songs we sing while we hang the wash, cook, go to work, gather with friends, or put our kids to bed. One thing the advent of home studio recordings has gotten us away from is this oral tradition. Leftbank aims to steer us right back to it with a version of Folk that is as timeless and author-less as it is popular and melodic.

Beginning with “Oh the River,” I was pleasantly surprised by a mature songwriting experience. The hooks and melody are likely to stick with you for the rest of the day.

Then there’s “Haunt Me Again.” This song makes you move. There’s even distortion on the bass! You still get the pensive lyrics, experienced vocals, and catchy melodies, just at twice the speed.

There’s a message to this music. But you have to be still to hear it, or at least dancing slowly. It’s saying good songs may take a little time. They may take a little development, even a little experience. But, if you keep at it, it will pay off. Like the song below, “Invade my Heart.” Maybe you’ll know just where to put the tremelo. Or maybe that 3rd verse comes out just right.

After listening to these songs all week as I’m doing chores, or whistling, or writing, they have become my own. When an artist writes a song I can carry with me, he is passing on that Folk tradition. Leftbank joins the likes of Dylan and Waits in creating songs that will be passed down.

Leftbank joins the likes of Dylan and Waits in creating songs that will be passed down.

I added this album to our collection from Leftbank’s BandCamp. It has been on steady rotation on our Spotify playlists too. You can find it everywhere here. I suggest you listen on purpose. And then you can be a part of that Folk tradition. That’s really the crux of it. K&K

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