Fri. Jan 15th, 2021

The UK has a long standing tradition of taking American music, putting it in a blender, and throwing it like a shit bag back on our doorstep for us to wake up to. I don’t feel cool anymore. The kid on the Mongoose bicycle throwing bags is the La La Lettes.

Not since someone like Pavement have I felt opened up by the simplicity of influences and inside jokes. If I could only come up with such brazen grooves like “Defensive Evening.” I don’t have a “wooohooo” song and damn it, now I think every songwriter needs one.

More than the Beach Boys are covered here on that and songs like “Serpentine.” We are then taken on a tour up in the air to see some Byrd’s. The song, “I See You,” could have come out in ’67 with McGuinn on guitar and a little acid in the control booth. It’s really that eclectic.

How about “Sexy Paula?” You’ll think you’re on set with the early Beatles. You know, the rockin’ stuff. And “Stars,” sounds like a track on Nirvana’s In Utero only with better guitar work and coherent lyrics.

You get the idea. The music is all over the place, from classic rock to post hard-core. Not only that, we’ve got a real homage to the electric guitar here. I mean there’s riffage, distortion, melody, effects, chords, interesting bends, etc. The electric guitar is proudly on display.

Here is everywhere you can download and stream “Easy Peasy,” on any format.

Chris Triggs
Tomo and Damian

Chris Triggs grew up listening to Syd and Bowie and Revolver in Colwyn Bay, Wales. Tomo and Damian from Anglesey joined up and started jamming with him before the lock down.

You can follow The La La Lettes on Twitter @LaLettes.

I’ve listened to this album I don’t know how many times. I have my Beach Boys harmonies down on top of Chris’s high-spirited vocals by now. This album changed the course of my next album. It is that influential.- K

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