Fri. Jan 15th, 2021

I left my lab coat in high school. Actually, I don’t know if lab coat is quite right, because these songs are constructed not brewed. There’s measurements and driving. So, maybe it’s “coveralls” I need. This is a master craftsman at work, not necessarily a scientist. Maybe that’s why I like it. I have coveralls.

If guitar playing were divided like the workforce, Kevin O’Connor from Northern Ireland would be a master builder. On his old leather tool belt would be all manner of guitar picks, a variety of electric guitars, pedals, amps, and in his head is the knowledge of how to dial in the sound he wants out of them.

But don’t expect a shredder. This builder merely uses the guitar as a tool to erect the songs he needs. So no long solos, no heavy chord progressions. In fact, some songs have sparse guitar, despite his uncanny knowledge of the thing.

Instead what you’ll find is a driving beat. TheWeatherInHum has a rhythm that makes you move. I haven’t danced to rock n’ roll like this since Talking Heads or Fugazi.

His song, “Gary Cooper,” starts off Stones and ends up Pet
Shop Boys.

I listened to his album on Spotify, “Sold Into Stardom.” It starts off with a bang. His song, “Gary Cooper,” starts off Stones and ends up Pet Shop Boys. And that’s just the first song.

There’s all kinds of influences, but he doesn’t wear them on his sleeves. He is his own bird. It’s probably all the Beethoven he listens to. So many moving parts and minor keys, I can see it.

“Into Sand,” is another one of my favorite tunes. Here, not only does Kevin show off his wit with some funny, relevant, staccato, lyrics…he shows us he can be melodic with an addictive minor key hook. If you are into the post-hardcore of the 90’s, check this song out.

If you want to dance, listen to guitar, smile, and think..

Then give TheWeatherInHum some time in your ear holes.

HERE is everywhere you can listen to him. -K

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