Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

The first time I sat down to listen to Nathan, I had to compare him to something. I thought, “Is this CSN singing a David Gilmour song?” That was “Chase the Dog,” a catchy sweet melody with great lyrics sung in smooth harmonies in an Alternative groove that honors Classic Rock with piano and warm over-driven guitar.

Then I looked up the EP, “12 Weeks Detention,” and I landed on what I thought was Prince, only with those same signature vocals. I got so excited when I heard this song, I immediately tweeted this out:

At the heart of the beauty of Nathan’s music is one word; diversity. He simply won’t be painted into a corner or genre. He has a signature harmony. He’s not afraid to show his influences like a bad poker player. He even gives away his LA upbringing with randomly placed SoCal beats or an ocean breeze. But, other than that, you get the jukebox on random. And that is a wonderful thing.

At the heart of the beauty of Nathan’s music is one word; diversity.

On his Bandcamp, You can tell he’s been at it a while too. The more time he spends on composition, the more he pushes himself melodically and towards his influences. Only he isn’t going back, he’s blasting us into the future in a dance hall detention cell. This EP is the soundtrack to the happy, bubbly, moments of my isolation and I am grateful for it.

Nathan could get more listens. Point blank. But he refuses to do the same thing twice. That, my friends, is artistic integrity. I invite you to listen to your favorite EP, or all of them. You will find Genesis, Maroon 5, CSN, Pink Floyd, Green Day, Prince, and much more. Even Dr Dre makes an appearance, all within the Nathan Peter Illes arsenal of songs. It really is a shame to listen to just one. K

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