Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

I guess it was “The Girl from Ipanema.” That was the first time I ever fell in love with a song that wasn’t in English and I didn’t know what the singer was saying. It’s happened many times since. But it’s never happened so intently as now, with Annika Jayne.

A while ago, I heard a song called “Petite planète,” and I was immediately blown away with the production and voice. Then, I noticed the little details like the percussion that comes in. The minor chords and soothing accompaniment are perfect for film (espionage, rainy day, grays, solitary) in any language.

 Zippo Zimmermann,

I moved on to “My Destination,” and I noticed right off,

“Okay, we are in English now.”

If fact, Annika sings in 3 languages; English, French, and German. She isn’t showing off. She is expertly performing what the songs require.

Zippo Zimmermann,

These songs necessitate an authenticity and a professional performance. They tell sincere stories, even when you can’t understand the words. They paint vivid colors and landscapes. Intimate and pensive moments are conveyed through an expert voice and a finely finger plucked acoustic. But that’s not all. Each song is given amazing detail and specific accompaniment. You don’t hear the same band every song here. Sometimes you hear chimes, or you might find some strings in the back, or harmonies, shakers, a sweet bass, bongos, tambourines, you never know what you are going to find in the layers of these pieces.

And finally, I got lost in “Leaves in Autumn,” on headphones. A fine example of what I’m talking about; listen to the keys and harmony vocals from all over. The sound stage is a full 360 degrees! It is a truly theatrical experience.

My review is nearing an end. More than James Taylor. More than Joni. I want to listen to Annika right now. If you’re listening for the first time, close your eyes. There is escape here, and you will feel comfort. I did. K

Zippo Zimmermann,

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